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This site depicts the realities of the Romanian Holocaust. A lifetime ago, in a remote and seemingly unreal past, we lived through these events. Now we are among the few who can still bear witness.

Years and years have passed, a small eternity. We were children back then. Now we are old, and fewer by the day. After the end of the war we went on with our existence, struggled with daily life, and raised our families. For a long time, we were submerged under the veil of silence of the Communist Regime. Then, after the fall of Communism, we found ourselves engulfed in the frenzy of a new and ever-changing world. The events of our youth seemed nothing more than distant memories, shrouded under layers of forgetfulness and indifference. Yet from the depth of our consciousness, during brief moments of silence, the memories do resurface. AND RESURFACE THEY SHOULD. For whenever the lessons of history are forgotten, the future becomes darker and more ominous for us all. So therefore, we decided to chronicle our experiences for posterity, in hopes that such horrors will never happen again.

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The Survivors of the Romanian Holocaust